The importance of sport

In universal, we just inform you that sport is a good quality way to lose weight. It’s so reductive. Physical activity offers much more than just losing excess pounds if it is associated with a correct nutritional background. It is a powerful ally of your protected scheme. Playing sports should be as natural as taking a shower; it should be part of a healthy lifestyle. It certainly takes effort. But then I always wonder how I could have hesitated for even a second; the satisfaction is so great to have accomplished something. I feel so good, as purified, and above all fulfilled. This is the message I send to my coaches. Often they are afraid at first, and it is true that it is difficult the first few times. They feel that they will not succeed; they fear to hurt themselves. But, they do not suspect the resources that their body has, its extraordinary adaptability. Combined with a correct nutritional fund, playing sports is your health insurance.

Muscle, one of the best remedies against time damage

At 25, we have already reached our hormonal golden age. In the years that followed, the production of growth hormone, testosterone, and estrogen slowed down, resulting in a decrease in muscle mass and tone, resulting in sagging tissue. In parallel, unfortunately, there is an increase in fat mass.

From the age of 30, we lose an average of 0.5% of our muscle mass per year (the percentage varies depending on our genetics and our sporting past). From the age of 40 or 50, things deteriorate seriously; the phenomenon accelerates to reach 1% per year.


However, the practice of sport, of physical culture, in particular, has a significant action on the production of these hormones and this, even at an advanced age. The growth hormone acts as an elixir of youth thanks to its anabolic properties, that is to say, that it participates in the growth and repair of tissues. It stimulates the regeneration processes of bones, muscles, nerves, and even tendons.

Bodybuilding, a protective agent for joints and bones

Solid bone density doesn’t just depend on the calcium you eat. By making your muscles work, you also get a very good result. How? The muscles are inserted on the bones, thanks to the tendons. Each time you contract your muscles, you exert tension, pulling, via the tendons, on the bones. These will adapt by strengthening to resist the pressure. QED. Strength training to maintain a harmonious postural pattern

Nature is well made. It gives us a body, in general at the beginning perfectly balanced, mobile, capable of very elaborate, coordinated gestures, executed in a fluid, natural way. It must be respected; it is a precious commodity. I often tell my coaches that the goal of all physical activity is to “territorialize” your body to live in it in all complicity in order to achieve fraternity of the body and the mind. Developing your body while respecting its architecture, its mechanisms, its ability to coordinate will certainly give you wonderful sensations. All without becoming a mirror cabinet

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