The layout of the house on the plot in relation to the parts of the world

The house should have appropriate dimensions adapted to the size of the plot. Remember that the minimum distance of a wall with a window to the plot border is 4 meters and walls without windows 3m. Parts related to daytime stay such as a living room, terrace, dining room, study room should be located on the south, south-east, or south-west side. Then the sun shines on us all day. The kitchen and pantry should be located in the north. It is worth waking up in the bedroom with the sunrise. Also, the east side will be best.

Division of the house into zones

A good home is a good organization, especially the layout of functions. A comfortable apartment also depends on the division into separate zones that should not be mixed. This division gives a lot of intimacy to each user, but also organizes the space of the house. There are several zones.


It should contain all rooms related to daytime stay: kitchen, living room, dining room, library, additional bathroom or toilet (mainly intended for guests).


The night zone is intended for rooms only related to the residents of the house; it should be intimately separated from the dry zone so that having guests at home should not lead them to this zone, especially when you have children who sleep early in the evening. It should contain all bedrooms, a wardrobe, a bathroom intended only for residents, or a utility room.



There must be a boiler room in every house, places with electric and water supply meters. The house should also have a utility room, where we can hide things such as a vacuum cleaner, cleaning products, etc. The technical space also includes a garage, which is worth locating at the boiler room.

A reasonable number of additional rooms

The home should have several nooks for storing things. It is worth having a wardrobe and a utility room for an ironing board and other items related to clothes, e.g., a washing machine, dryer, etc. in the bedrooms. There should be space in the garage for bicycles, a workshop (depending on your interests), and e.g., skis. Next to the garage, it is worth having a boiler room that can take over the function of a warehouse, even for a vacuum cleaner or cleaning products. Remember, however, that the more storage space you have, the less often you throw away or dispose of unnecessary items.

Don’t be fooled by appearances!

Sometimes, not always, furniture arrangement is drawn in the concepts of catalog views. However, often the dimensions of this furniture are reduced, which makes the rooms appear more spacious.

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