Used Cars Fresno

Tips for Maintaining the Value of a Car

Buying a new car is one of the most expensive investments a private person can make in his life. Before deciding whether to buy or finance it, it doesn’t hurt to find out more about the loss in value. If you only plan to keep the car for a short time, the used car’s residual value is also significant for resale. However, you can do a lot yourself to maintain the value of used cars Fresno. It starts with the purchase.

Buy the Right Vehicle

Choose a model that will continue to generate demand in the foreseeable future. Choosing a popular color such as black, white, or silver is also beneficial here. Many extras also have a positive effect on the resale value.

Used Cars Fresno

Maintenance and Inspections Obvious, But Worth Mentioning

A car that has been checked by the TÜV and a full-service history sells better. Therefore, take your used cars fresno to the workshop regularly to have the necessary inspections carried out. This is because wearing parts such as brakes, tires, exhausts, clutches, bearings, and light bulbs must be checked and replaced regularly. Also, pay attention to the regular oil change, the intervals between the timing belt changes, and the water levels.

Clean Your Car Regularly

A poor condition of the exterior or interior reduces the residual value of the vehicle, as does a high number of kilometers driven. And even if it is difficult: do not load the engine at too high speeds.

Tip: If you want to take advantage of the strong depreciation of new or old cars in the first year, it is best to look around at the annual cars before buying a car.

Additional Information

When Is the Loss in Value Greatest?

The loss in value of a new car is most significant in the first year. It can be up to 25 percent. After that, the value falls more slowly. Nevertheless, you have to expect a loss in value of around five to six percent per year, even with used cars. Suppose you have purchased an exceptionally high-quality car.

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