Fascial Blasting is a treatment that claims to reduce cellulite and give a smooth skin appearance. Cellulite as you might know is something that affects a majority of men and women. It refers to the lumpy and dimpled skin that appears in the fleshy parts of the body, like thighs, buttocks and stomach for no apparent reason. Fascial blasting claims to reduce and improve the appearance of these cellulite affected areas. People are rightly skeptical about whether this actually works or not, seeing as how there isn’t enough research and science backed into this concept. Even the term ‘fascia’ is not so commonly known among a lot of people.

What is Fascia?

 Fascia is nothing but a type of connective tissue that helps bind the muscles together, while also interacting with other systems of the body. It is largely responsible for the friction and free movement of muscles. When these muscles go through some sort of trauma or injury, the fascia immediately start to act up in defence by becoming stiff and tight to protect the muscles. However, this becomes a temporary fix for the problem since the long term effects of clamping down the muscles thereby restricts the free movement of these muscles. Stiffness of the fascia is the main cause behind muscle pain and misalignment. Further studies have also showed that the same stiffness of myofascial tissues is also the cause behind cellulite production.

Its therefore important to keep the fascia healthy by keeping it smooth and flowy instead of sticky and tight. This is linked directly with the overall wellness of a body and its functions.

How does FasciaBlaster work?

 FasciaBlaster is a type of plastic myofascial tool that has claw like feet, which are massaged into the areas affected by muscle pain or cellulite. This massage helps in loosening the fascial adhesions that are caused due to misalignment or injury of muscles. A 2019 study witnessed this fascia restoration under ultrasound imaging where it showed the smoothening of fascia as well as reduction in subcutaneous fat and inflammation without any stress and damage to the other internal organs or structures of the body.

How to use it and for how long?

 The basic instructions provided to use this tool include heating of the area prior to its use as this helps the fascia to become malleable. Apply oil to the area and then gently massage it back and forth with the tool in a scrubbing motion. It can be used anywhere on the body but gently in those areas of large arteries and lymph nodes.

After each session a light massage is needed to keep the blood flowing,

The recommended way to use it is five times a week, but it can be used daily for faster results.

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