Estimate your dream kitchen with Durable Stones

Quartzite is a natural and very hard metamorphic stone formed when sand is heated and compressed within the earth. It is formed when sandstone is subjected to intense heat and pressure caused by tectonic plate contraction in the Earth’s crust. It has a glassy appearance and sometimes resembles marbles. It was once transformed into sandstone and quartzite form.

It is usually cut into large quarries in its quarry form and then transported to a processing plant where it is converted into thin stone slabs. This stone can be converted into floor tiles, wall tiles, sloping tiles, or kitchen countertops. It often gets like marble or limestone because it is cut naturally from quarries. Natural nerve patterns and grey or white colors make it a highly anticipated material for a variety of alignment projects. But most quartzite countertops  memphis in its raw form is too powdery to use as a material and they are usually coated with polyurethane, wax, or acyclic.

Popular Colors and edges

The most popular color found in this stone is arctic white which can be combined with other cabinet colors. Some other types of stones are Calcutta Classique which has the look of marble with better durability, Carrara Grigio is used for warm-toned kitchens or white cabinets, and fossil grey which is extremely popular and beautiful but neutral in color.

For a traditional and sophisticated look, the classic ogee edge can be used and for a dramatic and contemporary look, the waterfall edge can be used.

Pro Stone is specialized in granite and quartz installation. It has highly invested in proper machinery and equipment to produce quartz kitchen countertops. It also acts as a member of the Marble Institute of America. It is a leading and award-winning fabricator in installing natural and man-made stones.

It is produced using natural and porous stone whereas quartz is an engineered stone that is molded into different shapes. It is less durable, colors are limited and expensive compared to quartz. They can sometimes share a similar look – in fact, some homeowners are unsure whether their kitchens contain quartz or quartzite.


The quartzite countertops are more durable than granite. It’s harder compared to other popular stones used. It requires little maintenance. It is heat-resistant and can withstand hot pots and pans. It includes daily care of removing spills immediately with pH balanced dish soap or wipe using soft clothes. They are less porous than some other stones, but it may still require a sealant to prevent stains.

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