Different Way to collect money online

For some of us, it’s a happiness to walk the malls and another shopping street in search of birthday or Christmas assistance. For others, it’s hell or just not possible for lack of time. From time to time, it even turns into a marathon if the preferred product is no longer obtainable wherever. Since the Internet has existed, those resistant to the race for gifts in street shops can avoid this ordeal and quietly search online for gift ideas. There remains the last step, the most delicate: online payment, which is usually done by credit card. How can you not be fooled and not be afraid of having your card number hacked?

Different Way to collect money online

When you have an option, have a preference for an online store that you previously know by fame or because you’ve used it previously too. Make sure that the general notices and the circumstances of the sale are easy to get to; the physical address of the corporation must be clearly indicated with a means of getting in stroke with (phone, email). collect payments through text messages is the best way to collect money.

If you have no option and you have doubts about the dependability of a seller, do not be uncertain to contact them by phone or email under the pretext of examination of the ease of use of a product. Look for the Internet with the name of the store or ask the community for advice in our pre-purchase recommendation forums to find an alternative or collect opinions.


There are different forms of online payment: credit card, disposable credit card, immediate debit payment (debit cards and electronic transfers), and payment by email or via third-party accounts, overcharged communications, and mobile payments

Credit card

Advantages for the e-merchant of accepting the credit card  Simplicity: just need to collect a code number, a name and surname, a validity date, and a verification code, information which is found under an identical structure on all world maps; Universality: possibility of receiving payments regardless of the buyer’s country of origin, without worrying about any necessary exchange transactions (note however that Visa and MasterCard credit cards are generally not available for Chinese consumers, to whom the banks rather offer Union Pay, the only interbank network in China); Deferred payment at the consumer level: an element that obviously favors purchasing

Activate 3D Secure

Banking organizations have looked into these security problems, and most banks or cards (Carte Bleu, Visa, MasterCard, etc.) offer security solutions such as 3-D Secure, a secure Internet payment protocol. Date of birth, code card, code by SMS … not all banks offer the same type of security. Check with your advisor what type of security your card offers and how to activate it before shopping online.

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