General factor of buying Instagram Likes

First of all, it is right that you know that this method is very opposed by most of the Social media managers, as the origin of the Likes is not very clear. So let’s analyze the origin of the Likes to get a clearer idea of ​​the service we should buy.

One of the most popular ways to convey Likes to your Instagram profile is the use of shell scripts . They are small software that execute simple commands. For example: when browsing the web we open a site, a window often appears (perhaps to ask you to subscribe to some service), clicking on the X to close it is actually placing a like somewhere. This click is linked to an Instagram user, so everything looks good. Not really, if you look closely, you find that most of these users are actually fake profiles (bots) and inactive. Often these fake profiles have Asian origins instagram followers.

However, there are also likes that come from real people , probably paid or presumably incentivized in some way, to place likes on Instagram. There is also a thriving Like or Follow trading market . A sort of digital barter to grow one’s reputation on social media ( social media reputation ). Now, many are wondering if the methods used are ultimately legal. They sure are, so you don’t have to worry about that.


However, it is clear that you are “doping” your popularity on Instagram . Therefore, you may have thousands of Likes on a photo of your product, but it will be rather unlikely that this interest will turn into purchases. I’ll give you yet another example: let’s say you buy 5,000 followers for your Instagram profile . A good start, but these Followers will have no interest in interacting with your profile content.

Furthermore, according to some web marketing experts, having many inactive followers on social networks would be a negative factor. They suggest, therefore, periodically delete the followers that I don’t interact with. In this way, greater interaction would be created by active followers , with a consequent increase in the organic visibility of the contents of your profile.

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