Premium percolator bongs

What You Need To Know About Premium Percolator Bongs

Percolators might not be well known to everyone. However, there is a noticeable difference between using a bong with and without a “perc.” Percolators are essential to the smoking experience for the majority of smokers. The main benefits of perc in a bong include increased filtration, cooling the smoke, and preventing water from spilling back into your mouth.

Although not necessary in a bong, they have come to be considered a norm. It is feasible to modify some bongs to include a percolator if yours doesn’t already have one. so, what you need to know about Premium percolator bongs.

A percolator bong: What is it?

If you’re an experienced smoker, you might hear the words “percs” or “percolator” mentioned at random. Please allow me to clarify. ¬†Any water pipe that permits smoke to cool off before it enters the mouthpiece and finally the lungs are referred to as a percolator. It is both the name of a specific bong style and the designation for the cooling and filtration system used in bongs and water pipes. This is accomplished by forcing the smoke through water, which cools it.

Premium percolator bongs

We must examine the function that water performs in our preferred smoking accessories in order to fully comprehend how to use a percolator bong. Many pieces of equipment contain water so that as smoke goes through them, it will filter and cool it. You can hear a bubbling sound similar to that when you inhale.

Water helps to strain out the impurities before being passed on, which is how the filtering process operates. The vapors are now cleaner than it was previously. With no harshness or heat from the smoke, the user is able to take massive hits.

What Qualifies A Good Bong?

When searching for a high-quality bong, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The bong’s glass or another component
  • the number of percolators (if any)
  • Extra features

Any bongs constructed of borosilicate glass should be avoided. Although borosilicate glass, which is strong and heat resistant, is used in the majority of bongs, those made of less expensive materials are typically less expensive.

In addition to the water filtration in your bong, percolators assist in filtering your smoke. These aid in smooth rips by cooling the smoke and filtering ash and other particles. Every bong enthusiast understands the value of a percolator. Any of the bongs with percs mentioned above will give you the cold, satisfying hit you’re looking for if you want a pleasant, relaxing rip.

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