Quirk Generator

Unleash Your Hidden Kinks

Pleasure has always been something that people have loved, but our society has always hushed the topics of sex and sexual kinks. They always found it embarrassing to discuss these openly, even with their partner. But fortunately, times have been changing, and today’s generation has accepted and normalized the discussion of their fetishes with their close ones by being open with themselves. They also take up something as a kink test to figure out their kinks.

What are kinks?

They are consensual sexual, sensual, and intimate activities outside of sex that are considered acceptable to increase sexual tension with your partner. A fetish is also a type of kink referring to an attraction towards inanimate objects or even body parts like feet.

Quirk Generator

Types of Kinks

Some of the most popular kinks are-

  • Virtual sex- to maintain intimacy with your partner when you’re away from them using technology and gadgets
  • Dominant/Submissive- Where one partner takes ultimate control and the other just lets them
  • Orgasm control- controlling sexual stimulation
  • Bondage- involves tying up your partner and exploring them
  • Anal play- A very high-profile kink which is a type of sex in itself

Find Your Kink

Everyone may have different kinks based on their preferences. If you are interested to know yours, then you can take a kink testthat will make you answer certain questions and suggest what your kink might be.

Finding your kink is important before you go ahead and experiment with your partner. Hence, take up this test to unleash your hidden desires!

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