The Always Moving Technology: Clinc – The conversational AI

Isn’t it fascinating how much life has changed over the last ten or twenty years? Looking back at the 90s time, we can see so many things that are now obsolete, like phone booths in societies and other places. Once the streets of London were filled with them and people were busy, New York was running on them. But now everyone has their mobile phones which are now more capable than any computer in those days.

Our mobile phones have so many more technological benefits these days that we can do anything on them and all these were developed in 15 years, more or less. Isn’t it fascinating, and on top of that the techno world is never stopping and millions of new software are on the verge of being discovered, to make life easier day by day.

AI Developments and Creating a Friend!

One of those developments that we can see as something normal in coming times is Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence has been developing for quite some time now, and the movies that showed Artificial Intelligence as someone who could be your friend, talking to you, and laughing with you is now a near-future reality. Clinc,aconversational Artificial Intelligence system has developed amazing software that will allow a machine to feel a human and interact with them.

The one thing that makes us human is the emotions and mind palace that allows us much more than thinking power, and with the artificial intelligence, the robots, they can have their minds of their own but they were never capable to make a conversation based on emotion, but with Clinc,you now have access to a robot that is your friend, a software which will talk to you and understand you and show empathy.

Over the years, many issues have come up where people are urging other people to show some empathy and the fact that empathy is what differentiates us from machines, working all day long. But with this development, you can now have your friend installed on the device that will help you in all senses. The best usage of this software could be seen in therapeutic conditions where people need someone who would understand them but is not sure about having a stranger hear their tales. But with this AI you can be sure of your privacy and the hesitation can be removed entirely since you will be creating your friend!

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