Expanding Business Capabilities With Ted Farnsworth

The world of business can be a tricky landscape to navigate. There are so many avenues and alleyways in which to take to rise to the top. Today, business is so competitive that such avenues and alleyways are littered with other companies also trying to make it big. The only way for a company to advance is through innovation, creativity, and determination. That is exactly how Ted Farnsworth was able to bring MoviePass to the forefront of its sector, entertainment.

The Road So Far

Ted Farnsworth started his career at the early age of 13. While working for his parents, he also ran his very own business, a restaurant selling chicken wings. While this part-time endeavor kept him busy most of his days, it paid off when he made almost $7,000 in one summer. From then on, he realized that growing and cultivating his own business was far closer to his liking than working for others. Since then, he focused his earnings on investing in other businesses to help them grow their capabilities.

He started building businesses from the ground up, focusing first on the beverage sector and real estate, then moving into brand-building. He successfully brought light to RedZone—following that, he did the same with Helios and Matheson. As he saw success in this, Ted started to search for similar companies that he could build-up by using technology and innovation as a driving point.

In his search, he came across MoviePass and set out to change the theater industry as he had done in others, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and socially-centric.

Innovation and Disruption

At the center of Ted’s goal for MoviePass, getting the younger generation to watch movies in theaters again, he kept the intent of innovation. He discovered that many millennials have not watched in a movie theater. Despite this, he grew MoviePass, which has 75% of its customers being Millennials. With that, he disrupted today’s social norm, positively impacting the theater industry and all markets connected to it.

Nothing is more valuable than growing the expanding capabilities. With economies shifting to new methods and tactics each day, businesses need to find innovative ways to stay ahead of their sector. With the inspiration drawn from Ted and his work with MoviePass, changing the business landscape becomes possible and easily attainable. Such possibilities not only open the advent for more innovation but also more chances for market partnerships.

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