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Integrated marketing for companies

The choice of the right channels and methods with which to convey corporate communication today is fundamental, precisely because the range of possibilities is much wider than twenty years ago.

We need to precisely identify our typical customer and go and talk to him in all the places he frequents, online and offline. It is not something that comes close to stalking, on the contrary, canadian marketing company strategies must use every tool wisely and always respect consumers.

A definition of integrated marketing that is precise and univocal does not exist but is easyto describe as the set of online and offline operations that allow you to communicate to a well-defined target of people.The identification of the buyer personas, the identikit of our ideal customers, is a fundamental factor that underlies modern marketing and communication strategies.

canadian marketing company

Only by knowing people’s habits and needs can we provide them with targeted information on the right channels.In a modern marketing strategy, both traditional media like TV, radio, print media, posters and online media like sites, blogs, social media, adv, emailmust be taken into consideration.

It is important to underline that even non-digital marketing communication continues to be effective when used strategically within a coordinated plan.One must not think that the smartphone screen takes away all communicative power from the newspaper or that YouTube turns off all televisions or that the banners on search engines draw up useless signs and posters.

The current weight of web marketing is undeniable, but it is enough to analyze the majority of current customer journeys to understand that a person passes through touchpoints on the network and in the real world before making a purchase.So, every tool that a marketer has at his disposal must have its place in the toolbox, bar none, and must be used in conjunction with the tool of the tools: the brain.

Integrated communication: consistency above all

Integrated marketing and integrated communication are not exactly synonymous, but both aim to have consistent messages on different channels to speak with one voice to stakeholders: customers, suppliers, investors, employees.

A company must have a clear and well-defined style of communication, which can be understood by its target and which involves. A company that makes surfboards cannot use the technical language of engineers, but must speak like surfers. One can learn and understand more deeply if they understand about the basics first.

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