What Type of E-liquid is Present in STIG Disposable E-cigarette?

The e-liquid present in most of the stig disposables is SaltNic E-Liquid that offers quite a similar vaping experience that you get with the regular smoking process. It contains 6% nicotine and the disposable comes with a pre-filled tank having 1.2 ml of e-liquid with a low wattage battery. The STIG is mostly only for smokers to help them quit smoking. SaltNic comes in two distinct flavors namely Mighty Mint and Tropical Mango. The tropical Mango gives freshness to sweet and juicy mangoes. The Mighty Mint is a popular flavor that has a cool menthol effect to it.

Reduce Nicotine Impact with SaltNic E Liquids

Everyone’s timing is different when it comes to quitting smoking. The STIG disposables have been designed to help all the smokers come out with affordable solutions to switch the habit easily. The lower the nicotine strength, the more easily you are on the journey to help you quit smoking. The nicotine strengths are available at 50mg, 25mg, 6mg, 3mg, 0mg, etc. The nicotine e-liquid can satisfy a smoker for a longer time.

What is the meaning of bioavailability?

Bioavailability is the substance that is present and absorbed to stimulate the rewards in the brain pathways. Nicotine is there in the tobacco leaves in the form of salt. For some, it takes less than 2 hours for the human body to remove half of the nicotine that it has consumed. A cigarette smoker can switch to vaping with e-liquid to satisfy for such a long time.


You can try tropical mango available in 50 mg and 25mg nicotine strengths to give low wattage fillable pods. Try out anything you want but if you can quit smoking, then it is good for your health as well.

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