A Hardworking Man

Hamed Wardak: A Hardworking Man

Hamed Wardak was a former Afghanistan Defense Minister and was a Washington, D.C. resident. He had his studies at Georgetown Campus. Hamed was an involved student who voted him as the Valedictorian and received a credential as one of the 1997 World Rhodes Scholars. There is one person with lots of courageous men in the world who makes noise in both industry and music. It is a vibration in the head that is not noisy but a sound that encourages people from wherever around the globe. Hamed is a well-grown man whose life principles mirror the achievements he garners throughout his life. Becoming a great musician and an entrepreneur is a great responsibility that he needed to juggle. But with persistence, it seemed like it is no sweat!

What Was Hamed’s Life As A Musician?

He moved to his native Afghanistan after Hamed’s school days. He chose to serve his coworkers, who made him a pioneer of Technologists, Inc. He had brought millions during his leadership and made the company very fortunate to have him. Hamed is a significant asset in the company, taking huge bucks because of his industry expertise. USAID (U.S. Department for International Development) and the U.S. Partnership Under Wardak’s guidance, Technologists, Inc. controlled the Ministry of Defence. The good news has started, and the company community always created a big talk before Wardak settled on something different. He produced a music output with “Valen of Wicked” banner. So what was the concept of “Valen of Wicked”?

Valen of Wicked is a production of music that Hamed produced and formed. He comes up with the idea of starting the business with the clothing brand called “Ludas Athletics.” But then again, he became invincible when it comes to business acumens and relationships. He used it as an opportunity to look for another benefit. Hamed was active in musical activities under the name of Valen of Wicked-the latest disco band. In other terms, it is a fusion of sounds and rhythms from different cultures that, in the course of time, make it unique from any other popular music. Music loves the many, especially music lovers. Therefore, to bring individuality to the song, he adds it, whether it may be from a recreation of lost culture sounds in the West Indies or an ordinary output from an average person. Thus, in electronic music, diverse cultural sounds are combined, which brought diversity to the art form in a new way. There are no restrictions when noises are added so long as they are soothing through the ears. Hamed has a passion for music, so that’s what makes his music production company fly big.

Good Musician

On a side note, what makes up a good musician? What qualities must one attain in order for one to consider oneself as an excellent musician? This article also provides you with the “seemingly qualities that Hamed Wardak has” that are reasons behind a successful shot on the music industry.

Qualities of A Good Musician

  • An artist needs to take a leap of faith and not slip into a secure job and income clutches. An artist needs to give all of his time and energy to the art to perfect his craft. A musician’s sense of adventure is a good motivator for plunging deep into music and making it the only goal and path ahead.
  • Works hard. Oftentimes, it is being told that hard work is the first move to achievement. The artists have to work hard to train themselves and appreciate music-making. Moving into music must not be seen as an alternative from day-time work. It is just life as an entrepreneur, where you have to build a product and then sell it to the public to get it.
  • Practice. Training makes a perfect human being. Practice a lot of successful musicians, day and night. Successful musicians make things such as sleeping and feeding vital to success. Passion for music is not necessary to pursue a music career; learning every day is what makes one develop and improvise in music.
  • Modesty. As one starts to dream of getting a music career, the hopes of making lots of income and luxuries in existence come with it. This is a humble way other famous artists have undertaken. To sum up, dreaming of becoming a successful musician is a good thing, but worrying just about earning money will cut you off from the market.
  • Patience and the idea of not giving up. One of a good musician’s most valuable quality is to have a lot of patience. One can not succeed overnight, particularly in a music-like craft. It takes time to develop expertise in song, and you have to be careful about that. Any artist that today tops the charts has not been famous in one day. The most significant aspect is that early giving up might contribute to a career-ending. So rather than hoping for a big break, one has to be diligent about it.
  • A good artist would often want to perform in a stress-free atmosphere, and an insufficient salary may be the most significant cause of stress. But, that is where you start to introduce the idea of creativity. A good artist knows other avenues to raise revenue. Money can help you grow in a musical career, and that is what most of today’s successful musicians do. A good artist then does not wait for chances and significant breaks because they make themselves.


Above are few but probably, the most important qualities that a musician must have to attain success in such passion. Such conditions are also evident in how Hamed Warkdak portrayed himself in the industry of music and pursued such love for art. If you opt to be a great musician one day, you might as well want to take inspiration from Hamed and try to apply the values above to help you thrive through the musical journey.

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